Willpower to accomplish your big goals

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Instantly motivate yourself to do anything

Set a habit

Set a pledge


Stay motivated

Actually do it

Set your habit

What one thing could you do (you aren't doing now) that if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your life?[1]

Will yousleep 8 hours every night?

Your pledge guarantees willpower

And is optional

If you've ever been motivated by money, you know how powerful it will make you.

What happens when you take that motivation, and use it on habits that are normally hard to stick with?

Your goal, your progress, your streak

Start small, survive a few days. Get something to show on your calendar. Don't share it yet. Keep the streak going.

Make it to 10 days, it's not a habit yet. Don't let up, don't over do it.

Make it to 20 days, it's starting to feel real. Forgive any mistakes, they happen, just keep going.

Make it to 50 days, it's officially a habit. Push your limits. Find out what you're really capable of.

Welcome to Willpower.net

It's a fast, easy, and powerful way to boost your willpower for the most important person in the world (that's you!).

Set a habit, set a Willpower pledge (or don't), and you're ready to go. By creating a pledge you create a real sense of urgency and priority. When facing temptations you will feel increased focus, accountability, and willpower.

For each successful day, mark your calendar with a few clicks. Each day your willpower muscle gets stronger, your habits feel easier, and you gain more control over your actions.

When you have more willpower, what will you do?

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